HeartBlessings  Heart Blessings is a children’s seek and find adventure. I have shared with you my love of Photography and our Heavenly Father’s amazing Grace. This fun seek and find adventure is not only for children but also for the child within. Build hope, faith, and a strong desire to search for the blessings in life. Share precious family moments and let yourself delight in the beauty and wonder of God’s gifts of love he sends our way each day. How many Heart Blessings can you find inside?

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pg1-jpeg Beautiful Blessings & Babbling Brooks is a children’s book / poem with breathtaking images, sharing the Love of the Lord and the beauty created by him. It’s about how being in nature, surrounded by God’s great outdoors can create an attitude of peace, reverence, and gratitude for the beauty and wonder of creation.
I was blessed years ago with the precious gift of seeing Heart Blessings all around and the knowledge that the Father’s Love and blessings are found everywhere, in everyday,all you have to do is look…
The images found within these pages were all captured by myself as I seek out the Father’s beautiful blessings each and every day.

 To order your copy today click here

My work in progress…


Final Cover to be revealed at a later date ♥

♥ Here is what my first Beta Reader has to say ♥

Hi Dianna,
I have to say, this is super cute. It does flow and it does make sense. I didn’t notice any grammatical errors. And I would certainly consider something like this for my nieces, maybe not the oldest who is seven but the youngest is 3; although I’m sure they would both get a kick out of trying to put this to song.
Now I know I’ll be on the look out for heart shaped rocks when I go walking or if I’m at the beach or lake.  Well done my dear.


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