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Welcome to the Blog Hop for Claimed by Magic by Claire Marta!
Claimed by Magic releases March 23rd. We are so excited to help spread the word about its release.
Make sure you follow the hop all the way to the end.
And join the release party on March 23rd as grand prizes will be given out randomly by many participating authors:
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We hope you enjoy Claimed by Magic!


Multi-Author St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway 2018


2018 Lucky Reads Authors and Bloggers St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway is now LIVE!!!! 
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Franky The Finicky Flamingo

I am absolutely thrilled to present the newest book by my friend and award- winning children’s book author Wanda M. Luthman.


Franky is a beautifully colored pink flamingo but, he doesn’t know the right food to eat. He tries food that other birds like but he doesn’t enjoy any of them. Then, the unthinkable happens. His adored pink color begins to fade. What will Franky do now? Find out in Franky, The Finicky Flamingo.

Here’s what people are saying about this fun new adventure…


I’m so excited! I  am a teacher with picky eaters in my class so I can’t wait to introduce “Franky The Finicky Flamingo” to them ♥


Meet my friend Wanda M. Luthman –


Award-winning children’s author, Wanda Luthman, utilizes her expertise in both mental health and guidance counseling to infuse each of her stories with social/emotional messages such as forgiveness, perseverance, self-acceptance, and love conquering evil while still entertaining children with magical adventure stories.

You can find “Franky The  Finicky Flamingo” along with all of Wanda’s other fantastic adventures on Amazon.

 (Images and some text above provided by Wanda Luthman.)

Embracing Change


2017 has been a long ride for me and my husband, with many changes along the way…. some wonderful…some not so much… but all were blessings in one way or another. Either we were being gifted with good fortune, grace, and mercy, or  learning valuable lessons we needed to learn and I count it all as a very blessed year. I relearned once again that even when we have lost our hope God has not lost us! He’s always with us and graciously reminds us every day that he is always near to those who seek him. He tells us not to fear yet we as humans often do… I for one have spent too many hours in fear this year and look forward to 2018 being a year of change again! Change in me, change in my views of the world around me, change in my heart to love unconditionally without being a victim ( Yes we can have it both ways) Change from fear to stronger faith in God’s good plan for us (after all if I am in fear I’m not really in faith am I?) 

In 2018 I pray for Healing Changes for everyone … In this world we live in, chances are you’ve suffered some traumatic events that have left you hurting, maybe even confused about what love and kindness really are or if they even exist. They do indeed exist and I have seen it with my own eyes! I have felt the kindness of strangers through hard times and witnessed God’s love in action on more than one occasion. I pray this for you as well… that you see and feel God’s healing love in 2018, also, that you find a way to forgive yourself and others. Forgiving yourself for being the victim and forgiving those who have wronged you so that you will let go of the poison that is un-forgiveness and step into the healing grace and love of Christ.
May you all walk in God’s love and light each day. May his healing arms embrace you always. Happy New Year God bless 

Blessings and a Winner


Hi there everyone! I just captured this awesome shot of a duck showing me a heart blessing and had to share it with you (Ok the shot might not be awesome but the heart blessing is )!! God is always up to something good and wanting us to seek out his blessings everyday! I get such a blissful feeling when I can capture one of God’s messages of love to share.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I also feel pretty blessed to be able to congratulate my prize winner Tamara in the  “Build your Team Giveaway”! Tamara won both of my books>> Kindle Edition. It’s always a pleasure to send my prizes out to a lucky winner who appreciates my work.

♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥

Did you know you can check out my books for FREE on Kindle Unlimited? 😉 My books inspire feelings of peace, joy and positive feelings for ALL ages… what better way to celebrate any occasion than to share a feel good book with those special little people in your life ❤



RHM Creation Photographers Weekly Theme

I Lead a photography group on Refreshing Hope Ministries We have so much fun posting all kinds of things that remind us of God’s presence in our lives. We have weekly themes to keep it interesting and fun. Here is our latest weekly news post just in case you want to join the fun. You have to sign up to  RHM to join our group but you are welcome to post your photos in the comments below if you are not ready to join an amazing online ministry system. Either way I encourage you to join our fun!!

 Creation Photographers Weekly Theme 
Sunday greetings  Thank you all for joining in our group fun! This week will be a challenge to choose just one Profile Pick .
Romans 1:20 NIV
For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and
divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made,
so that people are without excuse.
Our fun theme this week will be “Nature Divine” or “Unmistakably God’s”. Our theme are always open for interpretation and you are encouraged to post anything else that inspires you as well.  Also any suggestions or ideas for the weekly theme are always welcome.
My photo this morning is unmistakably God’s blessing when I look up through the trees to see his message of love embrace me  Have a blessed and fabulous week