Dianna has a passion for Photography, is in search of God’s blessings in everything, enjoys spending time hiking, birding, mining, and taking pictures in the great outdoors to reconnect with our Lord through his beauty and wonder. She is a naturalist by nature and loves God, Family, Kids, hearts, wildlife & all things related to these subjects.

Having been a preschool teacher for many years, Dianna understands how important it is to encourage positivity and create a positive learning environment for children. Life can be stressful! When the world Shouts “Chaos” God’s messages of Love whisper “Seek My Peace” Encouraging children to search out God’s blessings and focus on the positive, from an early age, is essential in giving them important coping  skills, tools, and resources in life.  It is Dianna’s heart’s desire for her books and photography to somehow show God’s beauty and wonder to a world that has yet to meet our awesome creator, and touch the hearts of those who already call him Father.