Embracing Change


2017 has been a long ride for me and my husband, with many changes along the way…. some wonderful…some not so much… but all were blessings in one way or another. Either we were being gifted with good fortune, grace, and mercy, or  learning valuable lessons we needed to learn and I count it all as a very blessed year. I relearned once again that even when we have lost our hope God has not lost us! He’s always with us and graciously reminds us every day that he is always near to those who seek him. He tells us not to fear yet we as humans often do… I for one have spent too many hours in fear this year and look forward to 2018 being a year of change again! Change in me, change in my views of the world around me, change in my heart to love unconditionally without being a victim ( Yes we can have it both ways) Change from fear to stronger faith in God’s good plan for us (after all if I am in fear I’m not really in faith am I?) 

In 2018 I pray for Healing Changes for everyone … In this world we live in, chances are you’ve suffered some traumatic events that have left you hurting, maybe even confused about what love and kindness really are or if they even exist. They do indeed exist and I have seen it with my own eyes! I have felt the kindness of strangers through hard times and witnessed God’s love in action on more than one occasion. I pray this for you as well… that you see and feel God’s healing love in 2018, also, that you find a way to forgive yourself and others. Forgiving yourself for being the victim and forgiving those who have wronged you so that you will let go of the poison that is un-forgiveness and step into the healing grace and love of Christ.
May you all walk in God’s love and light each day. May his healing arms embrace you always. Happy New Year God bless 


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