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Book Review >> Snow Bunny:Chronicles of a Wererabbit



Wow! I just went on a wild and exciting ride while reading  Snow Bunny: Chronicles of a Rabbit-Shifter (Chronicles of a Wererabbit Book 2)Never a dull moment around Snow and her family! This is a wonderful sequel to the equally exciting book  Snowball: Chronicles of a Rabbit-Shifter (Chronicles of a Wererabbit Book 1) I recommend reading Snowball first just so you won’t miss any thrills and chills! Now I am off on the next adventure with Snow in M.Y. Zeman’s 3rd segment of the Chronicles of a Wererabbit>> Snow Island: Chronicles of a Wererabbit .  You can pick up all three books in this fun series on


Chronicles of a Wererabbit (3 Book Series) Kindle Edition