A Movement with Momentum

Look what my friend found for me  What a blessing! Thank you Elizabeth!


∼ I LOVE Rock Hearts ∼ I LOVE Heart Blessings of ANY kind ∼

So… I may have started a trend and I LOVE it!!! My friend and co-worker found this for me while playing at the beach the other day ❤ Blessed my day completely! She is not the only friend to have made my day. There is laughter and joy in my heart for sure>> to realize that my friends are seeking HIS beauty and wonder because I’m the Crazy Heart Lady they love to bless 😉 Not sure who benefits the most but I love, love, love, seeing others in search of God’s blessings, be they hearts, rainbows, nature, a stranger’s smile, or just that blessed feeling… God wants to bless us each new day & His blessings come in so many ways… are you searching for them today? 


Funny she should find me a Rock Heart Blessing when my next book is ALL about Counting them 😉


#CountingBlessings123RockHeartsRockHeartsCanyouSee? #ComingSoon #LookforitthisSummer #IndieAuthor #BlessingSeeker

To Find me on Amazon:

Just Keep Seeking and you will find Beautiful Blessings by Grand design!



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