A year in review

2016 you were amazing!


 January of 2016 >> The year started out looking bleak & yet hopeful, as I had just left a long-standing job/career and was in much need of emotional healing. I knew leaving my position of 17+ years was the right thing to do… it was time, I needed change. I didn’t yet fully know what I would do next but I knew God was calling me into something new. So I let go of fear, trusted God knew the plan better than me, stepped out in faith, and waited to see his plan unfold.

It was a time of anxiety, unease, and healing. I spent as much time as possible in nature with my camera and the rest of the time hunting for a new career.

RHM>>My constant reminder that God was in control. I would vist Refreshing Hope Ministries daily to read Pastor Dion’s devotionals and feel God’s presence in my life. Through a chain of unforeseen events, I became group leader to the Creation Photographers and Haven of Hope groups, two very awesome groups we have at RHM.  I really enjoy leading these groups and helping others.

March>>> by March I still had no prospects of a new job but we had a nephew on the way & I had inspiration to try to create a children’s book. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, I was just trying to let God guide me. I wasn’t disappointed.  The next few months went by like a whirl wind as I jumped into the writing/author/ publishing business with both feet. By June I had learned enough and published my first book… still no job/ income… but I became a published Author.

Heart Blessings A Children’s Seek and Find

In June my unemployment ran out and I still needed a job/ income… The Lord is an amazing provider!!!  Through the months of June, July, August, & September God touched the hearts of many who sent us gifts of love in the form of money to help with the bills. It was awesome! Yes, help came from family too, but people we hadn’t even met in person, were sending us money and telling me God told them to, all the while I was looking for a new place to call work & working on my second book.

I started my new job in September and I love it! I didn’t think I would want to be in daycare again but I really like where I am at and happy I applied. We began our journey to catch up on the past bills. I worked more on my second book. Time kept marching on…

October & November seem to be a blur… a very busy time getting used to my new job and trying to finish up my second book. It was released on December 1st.

Beautiful Blessings & Babbling Brooks

November & December was a little tough emotionally as we all felt the loss of our dearly departed around the holidays but we are so grateful for the times we shared and the knowledge we will meet again in our heavenly home.

I’ve read a lot of posts on social media this past couple of weeks about how awful this year has been due to the many celebrity losses we have had. While I am saddened by these losses as much as anyone else, I have to disagree that the whole year was terrible. The learning, personal growth, change & accomplishments that transpired throughout 2016 were phenomenal and couldn’t be possible without an amount of loss & adversity to propel that change.

In this world, people die daily… it’s a sad fact, but a fact just the same. Here on earth, we count it as loss because we will feel the absence & miss the person. If I were to call each year terrible because of the losses…. Every year would be bad, because every year people die. I am sad for the losses but I believe 2016 was an awesome year of growth and learning for me as well as others.

2017>>> I am ready for your blessings❤ Bring it on❤

     ❤Happy New Year❤



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