How My Heart Blessings Began

Or How God began blessing me with hearts…

 How did I become known as the “Queen of Hearts”? It all started through a season in my life where I was struggling to cope with all that life was throwing my way. I felt lost and broken; World/National news was tragic; I was having a hard time accepting truth about a loved one’s fatal illness; I had already lost loved ones I was still grieving for; work was stressful… all I could see and feel was struggle. Yet I knew there was something more…a better way to be processing and coping with life in general. After all; people have stress, it’s not uncommon in this day and age. I was sure there had to be something for me to do to change my perspective and find my peace again. So I started searching, again, for the ultimate questions… What is my purpose? How am I to find peace and joy? Where do I fit? Am I enough? What do I bring to this world? How can I defeat my fearful and negative way of looking at life? Continue reading